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‘The wonders of Wimbledon: Yes, you see more detail on TV but live you feel much more involved’

By Mick Le Moignan

At the height of the pandemic, it was hard to imagine we’d ever return to having huge, live audiences at concerts and sporting events – but it’s now apparent that our love of gathering en masse far outweighs our fear of infection.

I thought my younger son had scored the hot ticket of the summer when he went to the Glastonbury Festival and saw Paul McCartney’s extraordinary 2½-hour concert. A rock god at 80! Who knew?

Of course, Sir Paul had massive technical support and a couple of extra years to rehearse, as the concert was originally scheduled for 2020, but it was a remarkable performance, even when viewed on TV.

McCartney’s voice was a little thinner and reedier than the world remembers it from the recordings of 50-60 years ago, but the familiar songs will have evoked nostalgic memories for millions, as well as entertaining a whole new audience who…


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