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Follow These Pointers To Craft A Thoughtful Guest Post &Write For Us At Sportyjones

SportyJones is a prominent sports news publishing portal. The website encompasses sports reviews, news, and upcoming events. Let us publish your content if you are an ardent sports writer and want to get featured.

As a sports enthusiast and writer, you can get a remarkable opportunity to craft creative sports content with us. If you are a sports blogger, we are your one-stop platform to achieve newer heights in your career. We publish your posts intending to entertain our sports readers by anticipating, reviewing, and discussing future sports events.

You can write for SportyJones in categories like football, rugby, soccer, basketball, cricket, golf, and tennis. We allow you to build your profile by publishing a well-written content piece on our sports channel. So spread your content around the Internet via us. But before anything else, here are the eligibility criteria to write blogs for us.

Eligibility Criteria to Write Guest Posts for Us

Receive acceptance of your sports guest posts by following these pointers:

1. We only accept articles related to sports.

2. We may disapprove your content if it does not meet the required standard and quality.

3. If the content is below the required readability score, we might reject it.

4. We do not accept articles that are below 800 words (should be 800+)

5. If the content does not include proper titles, H1, and subheadings (H2), we won’t accept it.

6. At least one external (outbound) link is mandatory – otherwise, the content is not approved.

7. We do not accept copied blogs, so we check their uniqueness; they should be plagiarism-free.

8. Violating copyright images is a legal concern, so we do not accept articles that do not have proper image credits (if required).

9. A description is compulsory, so please give a proper outline of the content before submitting it.

10. We do not allow revisions soon after the content gets published on our portal. However, our in-house professionals will make the changes if modifications are required.

11. If your content maintains quality and standards, we’ll publish it within one week. After publishing, we will send you a mail with the article link.

12. We believe in authenticity, so once you submit your blog and it gets published on our portal, you cannot post it elsewhere (even on your own blog).

Steps to Write Sports Guests Post for Us

At SportyJones, we only accept guest posts from bloggers that are up to our standards. If your article meets the above requirements, ensure to follow these steps before submitting your guest posts:

Step 1: Please write a title in the given subject line.

Step 2: After this, you need to narrate the blog in a way you want it to get published on our portal.

Step 3: Do not undermine the importance of including the focus keywords at the end.

Step 4: It is compulsory to mention all the alternate image titles.

Step 5: Insert an outbound link.

Step 6: Finally, after completing the aforementioned steps, it’s time to insert your author bio. You might also include your image, but that’s optional.

Let us feature your guest post on the sports website by following these mentioned pointers. If your quality meets our standards, expect us to get back to you via email within three or four days. So, here’s wishing you all the best for your write-up. Make your preparations well to join SportyJones – ‘get actively get sporty!’

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