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UFC 266: Alex Volkanovski questions Brian Ortega’s fight IQ

Alex Volkanovski lifts the lid on what he really learned about his UFC 266 rival Brian Ortega while filming The Ultimate Fighter.

Alex Volkanovski will tell you he learned plenty about what Brian Ortega knows during filming of The Ultimate Fighter.

Yet just as importantly, what he doesn’t.

Only three weeks out from his UFC 266 headliner against Ortega in Las Vegas, UFC featherweight champ Volkanovski has revealed exactly what he discovered about his American rival during their weeks together as rival TUF coaches.

While much has been made of the growing animosity between the pair – with Volkanovski recently labelling Ortega “a little princess” – the champ has also now opened up on what he calls Ortega’s lack of understanding about elite level fighting.

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It comes after the TUF finale involved all four members from the Team…

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