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Monkeypox cases grow; NSW COVID cases grow; Victoria COVID cases grow; John Barilaro to front New York trade role inquiry; Australia inflation set at 7.75 per cent;

Earlier this morning, we brought you the news that some in the Coalition are firming in their opposition to an Indigenous Voice to parliament.

And, earlier this week, you might recall that One Nation leader Pauline Hanson stormed out of the Senate in response to an Acknowledgement of Country.

Indigenous academic Marcia Langton.

Professor Marcia Langton, one of Australia’s most respected Indigenous academics, was interviewed on the ABC’s RN Breakfast earlier.

Here’s what she had to say about the opposition to Indigenous recognition:

We’ve long had to tolerate this kind of structural racism that treats us as a race. And you’ll notice that all their arguments are about how we’re a race of people and that no race should have any more rights than any other race in Australia.

That’s a complete furphy and it’s been dealt with so many times. We [as Indigenous people] are not a…


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