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“Kyrie who? He’s from Melbourne? Stop it!”

Shaquille O’Neal was surprised to learn that Melbourne, Australia, is the city with the most No. 1 overall picks in the modern NBA. O’Neal recently visited Melbourne and Sydney for several seminars and appearances. It was his first trip to the Land Down Under in more than 20 years.

During the early part of his Australian trip, O’Neal made an appearance for CreativeCubes, a company that converts buildings into collaborative communities. The LA Lakers legend was very surprised to learn from CreativeCubes CEO, Tobi Skobron, that Melbourne has produced the most first overall picks in modern NBA history.

“We have (Andrew) Bogut, Kyrie (Irving), and?” Skobron asked.

O’Neil responded:

“Kyrie who? He’s from Melbourne? Stop it! Kyrie was born in Melbourne? I can’t wait to tell Charles Barkley.”


Kyrie Irving was born in Melbourne…


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