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The Connection Between “Mamba Mentality” and Recovery

I must admit, I did not like Kobe Bryant at first. Yes, mostly this was because I was jealous—I am a Philadelphia 76ers fan, and I kept seeing Kobe and the Lakers win NBA championships. I was on Team Iverson, and the Sixers were fun to watch, even when we were not winning championships. The one thing about Kobe as a player was that he was a ferocious competitor, and rumors of his amazing work ethic were evident with his championship results and Hall of Fame playing career.

Source: Mike Von/Unsplash

I became a Kobe fan after he retired. I was captivated by his speaking engagements, motivational dialogue, and the way he approached difficult challenges. I applied many of the words of wisdom he stated directly to my recovery. When his book Mamba Mentality was published in 2018, I found numerous life and recovery lessons in it. It also helped that Kobe was…

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