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Paralympic basketballer Jannik Blair: ‘All I remember is light and dark as the ute was rolling’ | Tokyo Paralympic Games 2020

In early July, a month and a half before the Paralympics, Jannik Blair was having wheelchair problems. A seasoned member of the Rollers, the Australian men’s wheelchair basketball team, Blair had too many chairs. “It’s hard enough to travel with one chair, let alone two, let alone three,” he says.

Blair is one of three Rollers trialling a new customised carbon fibre wheelchair seat. His logistical headaches came about as he relocated back to Australia from Spain, where Blair plays professionally, ahead of the Games.

When Guardian Australia interviewed Blair at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra, he had been forced to temporarily leave his new high-tech chair in Melbourne. But in Tokyo, these difficulties will have all been worthwhile – Blair and the Rollers begin their campaign against Iran on Thursday.

“Ultimately the goal when you are playing wheelchair…

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