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AFL 2022, How the Sydney Swans nailed incredible two-year rebuild

Some clubs spend ages rebuilding their list. The Swans? Just two years. NEIL CORDY reveals how they did it.

The Sydney Swans have re-invented themselves on the run and barely missed a beat.

After spending most of the last two decades grinding their opponents into submission, they’re now killing them softly with fast ball movement and accurate kicking.

The hard-nosed edge of contested football and pressure that characterised the 2005 and 2012 premierships is still there but the 2022 Swans are a different beast.

New assistant coach Don Pyke is the master of moving the ball downfield quickly, however a large part of the transformation has been through recruiting and list management.

In this department, the Swans have one of the best in the business in Kinnear Beatson.

More a renovation than a revolution, the Swans resurgence has been years in the making. The first phase started more than…


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