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What if? Rugby league’s sliding door moments – Part II

It could be argued that many games of rugby league hinge on a few key moments: a dropped ball with the line wide open, a missed field goal or, according to most fans, a refereeing decision – or two, or three.

If we cast our gaze a little wider than this, we can identify other sliding doors moments that may have changed the very nature of rugby league in Australia and around the world. In this second instalment, here are a selection of such moments and some brief comments on what might have happened, relating to State of Origin and player power.

What if State of Origin had never taken hold?

State of Origin is a strange beast standing astride the Australian footballing landscape. In some ways it has pushed rugby league in Australia forward, but in others it has stifled the international game and impacted the integrity of the NRL.

What if NSW had not…


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