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Watch out. Here comes… old soccer!

In 2004, the then freshly minted powers at be at Football Federation Australia, proudly took over the reins of our beloved sport in Australia. They immediately announced that they were going to create ‘New Football’.

It was for the good of the sport and the whole of… Australia, they said.

Behind the comforts of their million dollar salaries, one of the FFA’s first pronouncements included turning its back on old soccer.

Old soccer was f*#@%n gone… and New Football was in!

That was the old soccer built by people like you and me. People whose names ended in the letter ‘s’ or ‘ic’ or ‘ski’ or a vowel.

The first generation migrants from Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Northern Makedonia, Italy, Albania, Hungary, Holland, England, South America and we, their children, who have made such an enormous contribution in every field of endeavour in our homeland, Australia,…

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