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Interview with Kieran Gilbert, Sky News

Kieran Gilbert: The Minister is continuing to lead government relations with our Pacific neighbours. Since coming to office, Penny Wong has travelled to Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, New Zealand and the Solomons. It’s all in an effort to strengthen engagement with other nations in the Asia Pacific in the face of a growing assertiveness from China. Today, Penny Wong travels to Timor‑Leste for a meeting with its president. Before she left the Foreign Minister joined me from PNG where I began by asking her whether she’s been reassured from comments from PNG leaders talking up Australia’s role as a primary security partner.

Penny Wong, Foreign Minister: Well, I’ve been really pleased to engage with the new Minister, Minister Tkatchenko, as you said as well as the Prime Minister, Prime Minister Marape, and other Ministers and to talk with them…

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