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Why I’m Leaving Golf’s Big J Journalism for Barstool Sports

I’ll be a full-time member of the Fore Play brand—podcasts, videos, merchandise, events—and I intend to take advantage of the creative freedom Barstool offers. 

Are you going to keep writing?


Do serious journalists work at Barstool?

They do now, though I’m not as serious as you might think. 

Why are you doing this?

I’ll only get the chance to write an introductory blog once, so please indulge this mini-life story…As the old joke goes, a Bar Mitzvah marks the day a Jewish kid realizes he’s more likely to own a sports franchise than play for one. My come-to-Moses moment happened a few years later, but once I realized I’d never play on the PGA Tour, I wanted to be as close to the action as possible. And I was—for the last five years I’ve been traveling around the world, writing about and getting to know the best golfers on the planet, first at Sports…

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