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Turbo Golf Racing (for PC) – Review 2022

It’s hard to ignore the similarities between Turbo Golf Racing from Hugecalf Studios and Rocket League from Psyonix Entertainment. Both PC games feature cartoony karts that push balls into a goal, and the vehicles are aided by boosts, missiles, and other power-ups. But where Rocket League aims to emulate soccer with motor vehicles, the $17.99 Turbo Golf Racing aims to do the same with golf. Hugecalf Studios does a good job of implementing the “golf with cars” gimmick, but it falls short of its full potential in a few areas.

Golf With Battle Karts

Turbo Golf Racing takes a fair amount of liberties with the sport of golf. For starters, the game is broken into three round matches. You complete a round by knocking your ball (each kart has one) into the goal as fast as possible, with the fastest player netting the most points. As is popular in multiplayer games such as Destiny 2

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