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Wanderers coach Marko Rudan unleashes again in rant about Australian Professional Leagues mistakes

Enraged Western Sydney coach Marko Rudan has denied he’s a “whinger” and a “sook” as he doubled down on his stance that the Wanderers are being unfairly targeted and called out new A-League boss Nick Garcia in another verbal tirade.

Despite being given a show cause notice for a post-match tirade on Sunday, Rudan again didn’t hold back on Wednesday, declaring he was “putting the game first” by taking on the officials who “sit in their houses in Manly” as the league faces financial battles.

Apart from again pointing out alleged refereeing inconsistencies affecting his team, Rudan also took aim at the Australian Professional Leagues, which runs the A-League, for wasting millions of dollars on failed digital arm KeepUp rather than spending the money on goal-line technology and contributing to employing more referees on a full-time basis.

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