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How to Watch AFL Women’s 2022 Outside Australia

A total of 540 players participated in AFL Women’s 2022 from all 18 clubs. Some of these players are Chelsea Randall, Breanna Koenen, Kerryn Peterson, Steph Chiocci, Brianna Davey, Stephanie Cain, Bonnie Toogood, Hayley Miller, Meg McDonald, Tara Bohanna, Alicia Eva, Tilly Lucas-Rodd, Daisy Pierce, Emma Kearney, Erin Phillips, Katie Brennan, Hannah Priest, Ellie Blackburn, and many more.

Emily Bates from Brisbane won the 2022 AFL Women’s best and fairest award for her phenomenal performance throughout the season. Other AFL Women’s players who won this award in the past are,

Kiara Bowers (2021)
Brianna Davey (2021)
Madison Prespakis (2020)
Emma Kearney (2018)
Erin Phillips (2017, 2019)

How can I buy AFL Women’s tickets 2022?

You can buy AFL Women’s 2022 tickets by visiting the AFLW website or through the home club’s website. The ticket price starts as low as $10 and is completely…

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