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Tale of Two Cities for No.1 draft picks

The two most recent No.1 draft picks really couldn’t have had more different entries to AFL life. Aaron Cadman was granted relative obscurity when he joined the Giants, but Harley Reid has been splashed all over the papers.

AFL: Eagles star Harley Reid and Crows young gun Daniel Curtin both seem likely to delay re-signing with their respective clubs.

The 24-year-old Giant, who originally hails from just outside of Perth, was back home to visit family and friends. While he’s become accustomed to the relative level of anonymity he is afforded in Sydney, he still couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Across the news bulletins and plastered across every back page, it was Harley-mania.

“Yeah, it is a bit much,” Taylor said.

“I swear every night on the news it was, ‘Harley Reid this, Harley Reid that’.

“He seems like he’s gonna be a very good football player. So, I…

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