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Cricket World Cup 2023: Challenge to breathe life into ODI format remains

The Cricket World Cup came to a close with a sense of emptiness as Australia defeated India in the final match. The tournament began with New Zealand defeating England in a match that failed to fill the 132,000 seats in Ahmedabad. Throughout the tournament, there were moments of excitement and disappointment, as teams fought for the championship title.

The World Cup coincided with the scrapping of HS2, the group stage of the Rugby World Cup, and Travis Head’s absence due to a broken hand. The intention of the 45-day tournament was to culminate in a coronation in the final, but the outcome left a feeling of loss. The noise of plastic seats snapping back into place as heartbroken India fans left the stadium highlighted the disappointment of the result.

The article reflects on the various moments of the tournament, from thrilling matches to heartbreaking defeats, capturing the highs and lows of the World Cup. The writer emphasizes the disappointment felt at the end of the tournament, as the expected sense of celebration and victory was replaced by a feeling of emptiness.

In conclusion, the Cricket World Cup ended with a sense of disappointment as Australia emerged victorious over India in the final match. The tournament, which began with New Zealand’s victory over England, was filled with ups and downs, but ultimately left a feeling of emptiness within the biggest cricket stadium in the world. Despite the anticipation and excitement surrounding the tournament, the outcome left fans and players alike with a sense of loss.

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