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“Climate of terror around Novak Djokovic must end

Goran Ivanisevic came back to Novak Djokovic‘s choice not to get vaccinated against Coronavirus. The Croatian coach said: “I hope that the vaccination obligation is removed everywhere. Despite the vaccination rate, there are still many infections in Australia, France and England, but the death toll is relatively low.

The rules are very contradictory from my point of view. I have undergone the double dose, so I have no problems, but I do not like at all the climate that has been created in the last two and a half years. If you are unfortunate enough to get infected, you are treated as if you have scabies and turned away from everyone.

It seems to me a shameful thing.” Goran is very happy to work with Novak Djokovic: “We are talking about an athlete who has won everything several times and who does not feel full yet. His hunger for victories remained intact.

He had a…


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