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What Is the Team Structure and Format of the 2023 Laver Cup?

The Laver Cup began in 2017 and has housed intense tennis action. Named after a legendary Australian player, the tournament houses talents from around the world and bids them against each other. Although the matches are played as usual, the format and structure of the tournament are unique, which makes it an event worth watching.

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The Origin of Laver Cup

The tournament is named after former Australian player Rod Laver. He was a tennis player widely recognized as one of the best in the sport’s history. Laver is the only player to have achieved the Grand Slam, an achievement where a player wins all grand slams in the year. He has done so twice and has the only Grand Slam achievement in the Open Era. 


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TEAM8, Roger Federer’s management company, headed the creation of the tournament. They collaborated with…

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