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Australia likely to follow women’s World Cup with a bid for men’s

[Title: Australia’s Women’s World Cup Sets the Stage for Potential Men’s Tournament Bid

In an exciting development for football fans around the world, the women’s World Cup could be the stepping stone for Australia’s bid to co-host the men’s tournament in 2034. James Johnson, the CEO of Football Australia, revealed this ambitious plan during an interview with Reuters on Saturday.

Australia, after an unsuccessful bid for the 2022 finals hosted by Qatar, has set its sights on the upcoming women’s World Cup, which it will jointly host with New Zealand in July and August. However, Johnson believes that this is just the beginning for the country’s aspirations to bring big events to Australian shores.

“We see the women’s World Cup as a fantastic opportunity to showcase our ability to host major tournaments,” Johnson stated. “Where there are opportunities to bring big events to Australia, in football, is something that is absolutely interesting for us.”

While the prospect of hosting the men’s tournament might seem like a distant dream, Johnson expressed confidence that 2034 could be the perfect time for Australia to present a bid. However, he emphasized the importance of successfully delivering the women’s World Cup before committing to any future plans.

“2034 could be a time that we bid, but we need to deliver the women’s World Cup first to make sure that we can walk the talk, so to speak,” Johnson said. “Once we’ve delivered that, we think it will be a good platform for us to talk about what’s next.”

Johnson, speaking on behalf of Football Australia, aims to seamlessly transition from hosting the women’s World Cup to discussing plans for the men’s tournament bid. The organization believes that the success of the upcoming event will be pivotal in setting the stage for future discussions regarding Australia’s role in hosting major football tournaments.

“This is just the start,” Johnson affirmed. “We are eager to engage in conversations about Australia’s role in hosting the biggest football events in the world, and we anticipate entering those conversations very soon.”

With its stunning landscapes, passionate sports culture, and exceptional infrastructure, Australia has all the necessary ingredients to stage a truly remarkable men’s World Cup. The country’s previous experience in hosting major international events, such as the Sydney Olympics in 2000, further strengthens its case as a formidable candidate.

Australia’s potential bid for the men’s tournament in 2034 has generated substantial excitement among football enthusiasts. The prospect of witnessing World Cup matches in Australia, combined with the country’s immense sporting atmosphere, promises an unforgettable experience for fans from around the globe.

As Football Australia lays the groundwork for the women’s World Cup, the anticipation and determination build for the possibility of hosting the men’s tournament in the future. The successful execution of the women’s event will, without a doubt, propel Australia’s bid forward, exuding confidence in the country’s ability to deliver outstanding football competitions.

Football fans will keenly await further updates and progress towards Australia’s bid for the men’s World Cup, recognizing the immense potential and exciting possibilities that lie ahead. As the football world turns its attention to the upcoming women’s World Cup, Australia steadily positions itself as a frontrunner in hosting global football extravaganzas.

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