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New Rugby Australia chairman Daniel Herbert to appoint high performance director, next Wallabies coach, who is linked to high performance role, Hamish McClennan, latest, updates

Daniel Herbert, the new chairman of Rugby Australia, has made it clear that he will not rush into naming a successor to Eddie Jones as the Wallabies coach. Instead, he plans to appoint a director of high performance first, as part of a wider restructuring of Australian rugby. This decision comes after 48 hours of emergency board meetings that led to Herbert replacing Hamish McClennan as chairman.

Herbert emphasized the need to lay a strong foundation for Australian rugby, rather than seeking a quick fix. He stated, “We keep looking for a sugar hit, it’s just not coming. We need to put the foundations in, we need to get the right people in and then we need to get the unity.”

The first step in this restructuring will be the appointment of a director of high performance, who will then lead the search for the next Wallabies coach. This approach indicates a deliberate and thoughtful process, rather than a hasty decision. Herbert believes that taking the time to establish the right structure and personnel is crucial for the future success of Australian rugby.

Overall, Herbert’s approach to the future of Australian rugby involves a focus on building a strong foundation, rather than seeking quick fixes. This will involve a restructuring of the organization and a deliberate approach to appointing key personnel, starting with a director of high performance. Herbert’s emphasis on unity and the importance of laying a solid foundation suggests a long-term vision for the improvement of Australian rugby.

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