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Huggan: Can we have our Old Course back please?

Eight years is a good amount of time, more than enough to get things done and effect change. Because both are badly needed if the past few days are anything to go by.

The combination of golf’s oldest and most important championship and the game’s most famous venue has not been the most edifying spectacle from a pure golf point of view.

Okay, there are some things about an Open on the Old Course that just have to be suffered in silence. The double greens and the criss-crossing of holes around the loop make pace of play an enduring and unsolvable issue. Likewise, the compromises that have to be made by the enormous galleries roaming the premises. Unable to get into the middle of the narrow course at any point, we are forever forced to watch from a distance on the sidelines.

But none of the above mitigates the amount of long grass that currently…


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