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Information And History Regarding The AGU – Australian Golf Union

A sport that can be seen a lot within the realms of Australian sports news is golf. This sport has been given tremendous amounts of importance and respect throughout history and a union was made regarding the sport called The Australian Golf Union (AGU).

Here are some more comprehensive points showing light on the history of the Australian Golf Union and its development!

The Formation: On 14th October 1898, The Australian Golf Union was formed in full swing during a meeting held at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club. This particular union rose to fame in no time because of the keen interest of Australians in golf.

Once the fame was accumulated, the union moved to the bigger goal of expanding enormously by organizing a ton of major championships and tournaments. Some of them included the Interstate Series, the Wilson Australian Junior Championship, the Australian Open, the Wilson Australian Amateur and the Club Car Australian Senior Amateur Championship.

A Digital Leap: Once the AGU was completely in motion and was gaining popularity very swiftly, it was time to take things to a whole new level in regard to golf content. Since AGU was in charge of the development of an extensive promotion and training program which would ultimately develop junior golf as well.

In order to make this happen, AGU managed to design a computerized system for handicapping nationally, which was known as GOLF Link. This particular link gained popularity and interest internationally within the first few weeks of the launch.

The Golf Australia House: In 1987, The Australian Golf Union made history by purchasing a lavish building of Victorian architecture. It was located in Cecil Street, South Melbourne. This building was named shortly after the purchase as The Golf Australia House.

Another significance that was quite remarkable around that time is that this particular building consisted Australian Golf Union’s very own museum and a library as well! Other than that, there were administrative offices located right in the building.

The Rotation: In terms of the golf updates a few years after, it was all about switching and rotation of the President of the Australian Golf Union. After all, it was a state-rotational basis that happened every year.

During the rotation, the majority of the work and business related to the AGU was handled mainly by the Executive Committee. This specific committee consists of a single representative from every association formed in the particular state.

New Beginnings: Around 2006, the latest golf news was flooded with the new merging of The Australian Golf Union with The Women’s Golf Australia in order to form the world-renowned Golf Australia!

This was a major leap for the AGU since this wasn’t done before and the merging further caused the entire unit to be a part of something bigger and much more global on an expansive level.

The entire history and development of the Australian Golf Union have been extremely influential in terms of expanding their way from a single union to something internationally renowned. For more information and the latest sports news, subscribe to Sporty Jones Newsletter today!

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