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Manchester United stuck in cycle of failure with no identity and I’m sad covering their games – Gary Neville | Football News

Manchester United were really poor against Newcastle. Really poor. One-nil doesn’t tell the full story.

I remember going to Juventus once in 1995/96 and it was 1-0 but it felt like 7-0. That’s what those Manchester United players must have felt like yesterday. They were never in the game, 1-0 makes it look narrow and tight.

Inconsistency in every walk of life undermines you, you lose faith and trust in each other. They’re so inconsistent, they’re so up and down from game to game, from half to half. And there is a pattern of them not turning up in big games away from home now that you can’t shake off.

You have Chelsea on Wednesday night which will be tough enough but then you’ve got Bournemouth and then Anfield the Sunday after, live on Sky Sports. Talk about the damage of last season. They will say they’re focused on Chelsea but in the back of their minds,…

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