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The Best Nine Australian Basketball Moments of 2022

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2022 got off to an excellent start for Australian basketball fans. From the Sydney Kings to the Cairns Taipans, 2022 was full of sporting action. From breathtaking assists to powerful double dribbles, basketball fans were treated to some pretty competitive matches.

So, how do you rank the best basketball moments and the latest basketball news of the year? Here are the best nine Australian basketball moments of 2022 you should know.

  1. Stunning Performance from the JackJumpers

JackJumpers is one of the newest franchises of NBL. Nobody expected much from this team. However, at the far end of the season, they were able to end the winning streak of the Perth Wildcat. The top basketball updates indicate that they booked a semi-final berth against the United.

  1. Relive the Stunning Performance of LJ from the Opals

As a four-time Olympic medallist, Lauren Jackson showed why she is one of the best basketball players in recent times. She played no more than 11 minutes in any single game of the group phase of this year’s World Cup.

  1. Medals in the Commonwealth Games

Australia won a gold, a bronze, and two silvers at the Commonwealth Games. The wheelchair men led the charge, with some incredible moments. Both the Australian wheelchair men and women won bronze in the match with New Zealand.

  1. The Prized Moment of the FIBA Hall of Fame

Robyn Maher, one of the eminent personalities of Australian basketball, joined the FIBA Hall of Fame. Besides her popular performances in the Olympics, Maher represented the Opals at six FIBA world cups. She was also the most popular star of the WNBL.

  1. The Drafting of Dyson Daniels

Dyson is an Australian professional basketball player for the New Orleans Pelicans. He was drafted eighth overall in the 2022 NBA Draft. He is also the 8th best-paid player on his team. It was indeed a great moment for Australian basketball fans.

  1. The Grand Final Series of the WNBL

Another excellent basketball moment from 2022 was the WNBL Grand Final Series. The Southside Flyers were the defending champions. It was the Melbourne Boomers who went on to win their second championship. They defeated Perth in the Grand Final Series.

  1. Endeavours of the U17 Basketball Team at the World Cup

The Australian sports news was full of praise for the efforts shown by the U17 basketball players. Though they went medal-less, their performance was quite noteworthy. The Australian U17 men’s team went unbeaten through the group stage. They cruised through round 16 but lost to Spain in the quarterfinals.

  1. The Return of Ben Simmons to the Court

It was 470 days in the making, but Ben finally returned to the court with the Brooklyn Nets in 2022. After injuries, mental health issues and disputes with the management, he finally managed to find his mojo back in the court.

  1. NBL1 National Finals

The format of this event is a bit weird. However, it was great to see all the great Australian teams in a single place.

The historic event took place in Melbourne. The General Manager of the NBL1 National Finals was excited to host the event. Undoubtedly, it was one of the best basketball movements from 2022 for the fans.

So, as you can see, 2022 was a pretty action-packed year for Australian basketball. For engaging and the latest sports content, subscribe to our newsletter today.

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