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Pop quiz! NBA veteran Danilo Gallinari attempts to answer questions about his career

SACRAMENTO — Danilo Gallinari has played over 750 NBA games, logged more than 22,000 minutes, scored more than 11,500 points and has made north of 3,500 shots. In the grand scheme of things, very few have who enter the sport’s most prestigious club are able to have 14-year careers. Even fewer are able to be featured as heavily as Gallinari has at times.

With that many miles logged, memories have come and gone for the 35-year-old. He says he doesn’t remember most of them. “I have a bad memory,” Gallinari said before I put him to the test last week in Sacramento.

Out of curiosity, I like to see how much randomness a longtime NBA player can recall about his career. In my mind, they have to remember their first points, first dunk or first game-winning shot like they happened yesterday, right? Well, that hasn’t always been the case in my years doing this exercise with various…

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