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Pistons need more Jaden Ivey and tightened rotation to end losing skid

Summarize this content to 500 words DETROIT — The Pistons have lost 18 straight games. Dieciocho. Dix-huit. Achtzehn. No matter which language you speak, that’s not a typo — 18. That’s reality for a franchise hoping to turn a corner with its rebuild this season and play meaningful basketball for seven months.
We’re far past that being a possibility at this point. In December, no less. No team that is 2-19 is going to rise from the dead like the Undertaker at “Survivor Series” in 1994 and flip its trajectory upside down — not unless a trade of great significance takes place in the next few weeks.
At this point, Detroit needs to just find a way to soften the blow. The Pistons just need to win a game. Start there and see what happens. Slowly but surely, Detroit is approaching the worst losing skid during a single season in NBA history (26). Oh, and seven of the Pistons’ next eight opponents are in the…

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