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Is Duncan Robinson trade talk again in play for Miami Heat?

The content is suggesting that the Miami Heat should trade Duncan Robinson for Cole Swider because they can find a replacement for Robinson, just like they did with Max Strus. However, the author points out that it’s not as simple as just trading Robinson because he has a significant contract. Robinson is due $18.2 million this season, $19.4 million in 2024-25, and at least $9.9 million for 2025-26. Dumping him into someone else’s cap space is also not feasible because there is very little cap space available in the league.

Furthermore, the author cautions against overestimating Cole Swider after only one public scrimmage and one exhibition. While Swider shows promise, it is premature to assume he can immediately replace Robinson. The author highlights that Robinson has proven himself during last season’s playoffs and that his contributions are still valuable to the team. With the departure of Max Strus, Robinson’s presence may be even more crucial this season compared to the previous two seasons.

Nevertheless, the article acknowledges the potential benefits of parting ways with Robinson in terms of his future financial commitments. Getting off Robinson’s contract could provide the team with more flexibility in the long run. However, the author emphasizes that given Robinson’s recent performance and the lack of cap space around the league, it may not be a straightforward or immediate solution for the Heat.

In summary, the content argues for a trade between the Miami Heat and another team involving Duncan Robinson and Cole Swider. However, it acknowledges the complexities of the situation, including Robinson’s hefty contract and the uncertainty surrounding Swider’s ability to immediately fill Robinson’s shoes. The article also recognizes the value Robinson brings to the team and suggests that while parting ways with him may have its benefits, it is not a guaranteed solution.

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