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Ime Udoka calls LeBron James a ‘soft ass boy’, sideline exchange, professional lip reader, video, Los Angeles Lakers, latest, updates

During the Lakers-Rockets game on Saturday night, a viral video circulated showing an altercation between LeBron James and Rockets coach Ime Udoka. The video, shared by the user @legendz_nba, claimed that James and Udoka were arguing about Udoka calling the Lakers “b–ches,” which James took offense to. The altercation led to both James and Udoka receiving technical fouls from referee J.T. Orr, and Udoka being ejected from the game after receiving his second technical foul. According to the video, Udoka was heard saying, “Stop crying like b–ches, man.” The incident occurred while the Lakers were leading 93-77 with 8:35 remaining in the fourth quarter. The video sparked speculation and discussion about what was actually said during the heated exchange between James and Udoka.

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