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NBA veteran Aron Baynes cops five-game NBL ban

Brisbane Bullets centre Aron Baynes has been handed a five-game ban by the National Basketball League (NBL) following physical altercations with Cairns Taipans forward Lat Mayen and coach Adam Forde during their round-two clash. The NBL tribunal, comprised of a single member, found Baynes guilty of excessive disputing, unsportsmanlike conduct, and an abnormal or unacceptable act after a two-hour hearing.

Initially, journalists were given permission to watch the proceedings via video-link, but the permission was abruptly revoked by the one-man tribunal just five minutes before the hearing began. In response, the NBL released a statement expressing its support for the independence of the Game Review Panel and Single Member Tribunal, and stating that it respects the decision of the tribunal.

The incidents in question occurred just before halftime of the match between the Bullets and the Taipans at Nissan Arena in Brisbane. Baynes and Mayen were jostling for a rebound when Mayen elbowed Baynes in the neck, resulting in Baynes needing to be restrained by his teammates.

The NBL tribunal reviewed video footage of the altercation and determined that Baynes’ actions were beyond what is considered acceptable behavior in the league. The five-game ban is seen as a significant penalty, reflecting the seriousness of Baynes’ actions.

This is not the first time Baynes has found himself in hot water for his conduct on the court. In 2017, he was fined $25,000 by the NBA for an altercation with Boston Celtics forward Jonas Jerebko during a playoff game. Baynes has since apologized for his actions and expressed remorse for his behavior.

The punishment meted out to Baynes serves as a reminder of the NBL’s commitment to maintaining a high standard of sportsmanship and fair play among its players. The league has made it clear that it will not condone any behavior that goes against these principles.

In addition to the ban, Baynes will also likely face financial penalties for his actions. The NBL has the authority to impose fines on players who engage in unsportsmanlike conduct, and it is expected that Baynes will be required to pay a significant sum.

The ban will undoubtedly have an impact on the Bullets’ performance in the coming games, as Baynes is a key player for the team. However, it is important for the league to send a strong message that such behavior will not be tolerated, regardless of a player’s reputation or status.

The NBL has taken a proactive approach in addressing this issue, holding a hearing and handing out a punishment swiftly. This demonstrates the league’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of the game and upholding its rules and regulations.

Ultimately, it is hoped that this incident will serve as a reminder to all players to conduct themselves in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner both on and off the court. The NBL remains committed to ensuring that the league continues to be a place where fair play, professionalism, and respect are upheld.

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