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Enes Kanter Freedom bounty, how much is it, why is there a bounty for him, suing the NBA, latest, updates

Former NBA star Enes Kanter Freedom — who famously amended his name after becoming a US citizen in 2021 — is officially a wanted man.

Not only is his name on 2023’s most-wanted terrorists list, but this is the first time his former country has actually placed a published bounty on people’s heads.

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President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s government is offering up to 10 million Turkish Lira, or roughly $500,000, for information leading to the capture of Freedom, who said he found out about it a week ago.

Sat, 14 Jan

Saturday January 14th

“That makes it so dangerous,” Freedom, 30, told The Post.

“Before the bounty, Turkish intelligence were after the people on the list, but now everyone is after them because they want the money.”


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