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What is Australia’s COVID-19 situation right now?

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says a “change in circumstances” has prompted a shift in Australia’s COVID-19 policy.
As part of that change, pandemic leave mask wearing is being encouraged, and a temporary new telehealth item has been created.

In recent weeks, experts have been warning of a new COVID-19 wave. So how severe could it get? And are case numbers across the country on the rise?

Is Australia experiencing its biggest wave?

Last Wednesday, Health Minister Mark Butler said there were “millions” of cases projected in the coming few weeks. Mr Albanese said on Saturday the current wave was projected to peak in August.
When it comes to the severity of the wave, Professor Catherine Bennett, chair of immunology at Deakin University, told SBS News it was too early to gauge the full scope.
“We’re not quite sure with the re-infection risk what will happen with this wave, particularly…


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