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What happened to the men’s college basketball Class of 2012?

Some high school recruiting classes feature multiple eventual NBA superstars. Others may produce multiple All-Stars or future national champions.

That was not the case for the high school Class of 2012, which for a variety of reasons (injuries, illness and just plain ineffectiveness) has not produced like many others. As it stands now, a decade after they first entered college, the best NBA star to come out of the group was Steven Adams (per the win/shares analytic). After publishing a story today on what happened to Shabazz Muhammad, the one-time top recruit in the class who at 29 years old played last season for the Beermen of the Philippines league, we decided to look back at the RSCI top 20 and see what happened.

1. Shabazz Muhammad, UCLA

College statistics: Averaged 17.9 PPG, 5.2 RPG in one season.

Team results: NCAA Tournament, lost second round.

Draft position: 14th…


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