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Vanderbilt Football | A Swann, a Sheppard and a DeKalb Day to Remember


DEKALB, Ill. — Down 14 points in the third quarter Saturday, it looked liked Vanderbilt’s day in DeKalb was about to be awfully dark.

Then, a blitzkrieg.

The Commodores, led by freshman quarterback AJ Swann and junior wide receiver Will Sheppard, scored 21 points in this than six minutes of game clock. Vandy’s seemingly porous defense bowed up and pitched a shutout the final 28:37 of the game.

It all equated to a 38-28 win over Northern Illinois, a victory that gave Vanderbilt (3-1) more wins than it had for the 2021 season.

“You saw we were down 14 and, I think, what everybody saw is that we just never give up,” Sheppard said. “Defense went out there and, they gave up that first touchdown in the second half, but after that they shut them…


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