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The ultimate dream of his HiG Sports consulting firm is to see an Indian company become a global brand, says founder and CEO Abhishek Padwal

There are not too many companies in the world that do not aspire to have an international presence for their products and services, and be a global brand. For the sports, fitness, and leisure industries that are so intricately connected globally today, this can be something that is not only aspirational, but also of vital strategic importance.

Oftentimes, though, especially for startups in these industries, it may be difficult to have access to the right networks, resources, and knowledge to execute this vision and enter a market as highly diverse as India (for companies based outside the country), or for Indian companies to take the bold step of expanding internationally.

Born out of the realization of a gap in the market, HiG Sports, a B2B consulting firm with a focus on innovations in the sports, fitness, and leisure sectors, was founded by seasoned cross-border trade and…


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