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Rafael Nadal marks a new amazing record!

Rafael Nadal‘s 2022 was undoubtedly an extraordinary year. The Majorcan champion had returned from a long and heavy injury and among the fans many were questioning his future. Once again, as has often been the case throughout his career, Nadal has proved everyone wrong, winning big and beating his rivals again.

Nadal has won several tournaments in this 2022, he has been one step away from returning to number one but above all he has won two Grand Slam titles, the Australian Open and his beloved Roland Garros. The return to Australia, after months of absence, must be counted among the best ‘comebacks’ in the recent history of tennis, then Rafa managed to win in Paris, among other things taking a big rematch during the tournament against great rival Novak Djokovic.

For a few weeks, the Iberian tennis player’s fans even hoped for the Grand Slam by completing the entire season with…

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