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John McEnroe reflects on his life as tennis’ bad boy – Boston Herald

The streets of New York City are deserted as John McEnroe walks past familiar landmarks and dark alleys on a trip that covers a few miles and many decades.

With each step he takes in the late-night scenes that link the insightful documentary “McEnroe,” the man whose foul-mouthed tirades were as famous as his exceptional tennis skills finds the peace in life’s imperfections. His journey continues, though at age 63 he’s well-established as a TV commentator and nearly three decades into a relationship and second marriage to singer/songwriter Patty Smyth.

“Each year that I’ve gone by in my life I feel like I’m getting closer to the promised land,” he said in a recent conversation. “I’m not sure anyone ever gets totally there. I doubt I’ll ever get totally there.”

He hasn’t forgotten his grudges against the chair umpires and linespeople who heard his wrath while…

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