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Grand slam adds an extra day to avoid long night sessions, schedule, tickets, tennis news

to provide a world-class tennis experience,” Tiley said.

The decision to start the Australian Open a day earlier was made in response to complaints from players and fans regarding the late starting and late finishing night games that often resulted in marathon matches stretching into the early morning. This change will make the tournament a 15-day event for the first time and will cover three weekends, giving both players and fans some relief.

The decision comes as data shows that matches at the Australian Open have been going for longer in recent years. This has been a result of various factors, including the increasing competitiveness of the players and the introduction of tie-breakers in the fifth set. These longer matches have caused frustration for both players and fans, as they often result in late finishes that can be physically and mentally exhausting.

By starting the tournament a day earlier, event organisers hope to reduce the likelihood of late-night matches and minimize the impact on players’ rest and recovery. This will also provide fans with a more enjoyable experience, as they won’t have to stay up until the early hours of the morning to watch their favorite players in action.

The decision to extend the tournament to three weekends is also significant. In the past, the Australian Open has traditionally been a two-week event, starting on a Monday and ending on a Sunday. However, with the growing popularity of the tournament and the desire to accommodate more matches, extending it to three weekends allows for more flexibility in scheduling.

This change will also benefit fans who are unable to attend the tournament in person. With matches covering three weekends, fans will have more opportunities to watch their favorite players in action, even if they can’t be there in person. This is particularly important for international fans who may have limited access to live coverage due to time zone differences.

Overall, the decision to start the Australian Open a day earlier and extend it to a 15-day event shows that event organisers take the feedback of players and fans seriously. By addressing the issue of late-night matches and providing a more convenient schedule, they aim to create a better experience for everyone involved. The Australian Open is known for its world-class tennis and now, with these changes, it will also be known for its consideration of player and fan needs.

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