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Suns May Find A Big Boost From Hungry Aussie Jock Landale

For a guy who didn’t really touch a basketball until he was 14 and didn’t really start watching the professional game until he was 18, Jock Landale certainly owns an accelerated learning curve.

Landale’s broken wrist in his early teens allowed doctors to discover that his growth plates indicated he would grow to nearly 7 feet tall. The dye was cast, and a basketball career was added to his life’s options.

The Phoenix Suns signed Landale in July, and expect to see the Australian big man contribute valuable minutes this season.

In the wake of a recent interview with — Landale was in Greece at the time — an optimistic scouting report could be assembled:

  • Mentally tough.
  • Maximum effort guy with the requisite chip on his shoulder.
  • Recognizes the areas he can improve upon in his game and continues to work on those elements.
  • Improving…


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