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Walker Readies Australia’s Next CBD

“If you build it, they will come.”

The famous line whispered to Kevin Costner’s character in the 1980s sports drama Field of Dreams has extra impetus in the coastal hinterland of southern Queensland where a two-decade-old vision is quickly turning into reality. 

Rather than erecting a baseball field on a corn farm, plans are rolling ahead to turn an ageing golf course into a futuristic metropolis in the heart of the Sunshine Coast’s Maroochydore.

The new greenfield CBD is being spearheaded by SunCentral, established by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council in early 2015 to deliver 150,000sq m of high-grade office space, 70,000sq m of retail and dining, hundreds of hotel rooms and thousands of new apartments, as well as 18ha of parklands and waterways

It is being built on the former site of the Horton Park Golf Club, which was bought by the council for $42 million the same year. It…



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