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Tony Gustavsson’s line in the sand moment

When the Matildas kick off their match against Olympic gold medallists Canada in Brisbane on Saturday, there will be just 320 days until the start of the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

Whether 10 months and 17 days represents a long period of time or an all-too-brief window, is all about perspective.

With eight wins in 24 matches the oft-mentioned statistic since Tony Gustavsson was installed as head coach, Australian fans are desperate for some reassurance that their national team is on track for World Cup glory — and lately the days feel like they are ticking by all too rapidly.

The 7-0 pummelling in June that the (admittedly understrength) Matildas suffered at the hands of a Spain side ranked No. 8 in the world, did little to assuage public fear of failure at home next July but, with the regular stars returning, this two-match friendly series against a somewhat developmental Canadian side…



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