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Table tennis player uses his mouth after losing his arms

Ibrahim Hamadtou has amazed viewers by playing table tennis with his mouth at Tokyo 2020 – having lost both his arms at the age of ten.

The Paralympics is full of inspirational sportsmen and women overcoming their disabilities in amazing ways, and fans were wowed by Hamadtou’s feat in the Class 6 qualifiers.

Up against South Korea’s Park Hong-kyu on Wednesday, the Egyptian showed his skill with the hugely impressive amount of spin he can put on the ball among his best assets.

Class 6 is open to athletes who can stand but have impairments to their arms and legs.

Ibrahim Hamadtou of Team Egypt serves against Hong Kyu Park of Team Republic of KoreaSource: Getty Images

Hamadtou has put together a stunning career despite losing his arms in a train accident while just a child, meaning he controls the bat with his mouth and sets up serves with his foot.

Having first tucked the bat under where…



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