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Josh Cavallo shows off his abs in ripped bathroom selfie

Soccer star Josh Cavallo has given us an update on his fitness with a new shirtless selfie video on Instagram.

Last weekend, the gay Aussie soccer player was back on the field with his club Adelaide United. The club played a July 30 Australia Cup match against the Newcastle Jets in New South Wales.

A few days earlier, Josh Cavallo dropped the selfie video showing off his six pack on Instagram.

“Your body is simply a result of your mind’s thoughts,” the athlete wrote in the caption.

“It is much more than a physical transformation. It’s a mental and lifestyle change.”

Twenty-four thousand of his followers very much approved of Josh’s update on an earlier off-season selfie the player shared in early June, after his soccer matches ended.

Last October, the trailblazing player came out in a major first for his sport.

Other gay athletes who’ve come out since have paid…



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