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How Nedd Brockmann ‘went through hell and back 10 times’ as he ran nearly 2,500 miles across Australia in 47 days


To get a sense of how vast Australia really is, just ask Nedd Brockmann. He found out the hard way.

When Brockmann arrived at Sydney’s Bondi Beach on Monday – his unmistakable, bleach-blonde mullet pinned down under a baseball cap – it signaled the end of a 2,456-mile (3,953km) running voyage that had started on the opposite side of Australia 47 days prior.

It’s difficult for the 23-year-old to know where to start when recounting the physical toll placed on his body since setting off from Cottesloe Beach in Perth last month – the countless injuries, the endlessly aching joints, the sleep deprivation, the blisters or even the maggots growing in his toes.

That all explains the joy and relief etched across Brockmann’s face when he finally arrived to hordes of…



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