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How ‘active hope’ may help sustain us through uncertainty

In the context of lockdown, tiny actions that can seem harmless, like meeting up with friends or travelling out of our LGAs, can have harmful consequences.

But, just as the problems can happen through people, so can constructive responses, says Johnstone, who provides free online courses in active hope:

“A useful question is ‘if the story of things working out well, or even not getting much worse, was to happen through me, what part might I play?’”

The power of collective hope, in action, is evident by the record numbers of people getting the jab in NSW.

“You individually following the rules and getting vaccinated is not going to change the entire situation globally,” says Dr Nicholas Van Dam, the inaugural Director for the Contemplative Studies Centre at the University of Melbourne. “But if you take those actions as a community you know that you’re contributing to…



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