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Football Australia announces foundation clubs for National Second Tier

[“Football Australia Announces Selection of Eight Foundation Clubs for Inaugural National Second Tier Competition”

Today, Monday 20 November, marks a significant milestone in the Australian football ecosystem as Football Australia officially announces the selection of eight foundation clubs for the inaugural National Second Tier (NST) competition, set to commence in March/April 2025.

This announcement aligns with the broader vision set out in the XI Principles for the future of Australian football and celebrates the unity, diversity, and passion that characterizes the beautiful game in Australia.

After a rigorous and comprehensive application process, the following initial foundation clubs have been selected based on their strong proposals and readiness to meet the standards set for the NST competition:

– APIA Leichhardt FC: Established in 1954. From the vibrant community of Leichhardt in Sydney’s inner west, APIA Leichardt Tigers FC brings a rich heritage and a fervent fanbase to the NST.

– Brunswick City SC: Known for its commitment to community engagement and youth development, Brunswick City SC will bring a strong presence to the NST.

– Canberra FC: With a history of success and a strong focus on player development, Canberra FC will be a formidable addition to the NST.

– ECU Joondalup SC: Hailing from the football hotbed of Western Australia, ECU Joondalup SC will represent the state with pride in the NST competition.

– Marconi Stallions FC: A club with a rich history and a passionate fanbase, Marconi Stallions FC will bring a competitive edge to the NST.

– Northern Fury FC: Based in Townsville, Northern Fury FC will add a regional flavor to the NST, showcasing the diverse football landscape in Australia.

– Olympia FC Warriors: Hailing from Tasmania, Olympia FC Warriors will add a touch of island football flair to the NST competition.

– South Melbourne FC: With a proud history and a strong following, South Melbourne FC will be a key player in the NST competition.

The selection of these eight foundation clubs marks a significant step forward for Australian football, as it paves the way for the development of the NST competition and provides a platform for clubs to showcase their talents and engage with fans on a national stage.

The NST competition is set to provide a pathway for talented players to progress to the top tier of Australian football, and the selection of these foundation clubs reflects a commitment to nurturing and developing the next generation of football talent.

With the inaugural NST competition set to commence in 2025, football fans across Australia have much to look forward to as they witness the expansion of the football landscape and the emergence of new rivalries and exciting matchups.

The announcement of the selection of these eight foundation clubs sets the stage for a new era in Australian football, and fans can expect to see an exciting blend of tradition, passion, and talent on display in the NST competition. Stay tuned for more updates as the countdown to the inaugural NST competition begins!

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