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EA Sports Launches Accelerator Fund for Women’s Soccer

WSC Sports is integrating its proprietary automation tools with mobile streaming service Migu to create real-time video and highlight solutions for China’s top sports broadcast entity.

The partnership enhances Migu’s ability to disseminate instant, short-form content across its platforms and social media outlets. The Chinese media conglomerate has broadcast rights to as many as 30 different sports leagues, producing more than 8,000 sporting events and 16,000 total hours a year. Migu also averages 20 game broadcasts a day.

WSC Sports’ artificial intelligence and machine learning technology will allow Migu to distribute real-time video content to its China audience from leagues such as the Chinese Basketball Association, English Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and the NBA.

Migu has long had aspirations to stream U.S. sports since striking its multi-platform and…



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