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Celtic’s gain is Australia’s loss, says ex-Ange protégé

“At the end, you can just sense that not everyone wanted that, because of their own agendas, and it’s a shame because I think we’d be in a far better place today if we carried along that path – not relying on the type of football we were playing many, many years ago.”

Muscat’s comments are a thinly veiled swipe at forces which allegedly worked five years ago to oust Postecoglou from the job or encouraged the then-FFA hierarchy to make a move against him – as well as being critical of how the Socceroos currently play.

Postecoglou recently explained on Stan Sport FC that he quit as Socceroos coach because he sensed that parts of the soccer community, or at least those with influence inside it, were too focused on short-term results and too worried about missing World Cup qualification to understand the bigger picture he was trying to paint in having his Australian team take the…



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