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Australian Basketball star Lauren Jackson suits up again in WNBL for Southside Flyers

[Australian basketball legend Lauren Jackson announces her return for another WNBL season. Despite a previous Achilles injury, the 42-year-old is set to play for the Southside Flyers in the upcoming season starting on November 1. Jackson expresses her excitement about joining a talented group of players and a fantastic club.

In a statement, Jackson credits the increased focus on women’s sports in Australia, particularly due to the exceptional performance of the Matildas in the soccer World Cup, for influencing her decision to continue her career. She hopes that her return to the WNBL will inspire more girls and women to play basketball and get involved in the sport.

Fans eagerly anticipate Jackson’s comeback after her recovery from the achilles injury sustained in February. Known for her remarkable skills and contributions to the game of basketball, Jackson’s return adds an extra sense of excitement to the upcoming WNBL season.

The Southside Flyers, based in Melbourne, are thrilled to have Jackson back on the team. Her experience and leadership will undoubtedly bring a positive impact both on and off the court. With the support of a strong group of players, the Flyers aim to make a statement in the upcoming season and compete for the championship.

Jackson’s decision to extend her career not only highlights her dedication to the sport but also serves as an inspiration to other athletes. Her resilience and determination to overcome injuries and continue playing at an elite level serve as a testament to her passion and love for basketball.

As one of Australia’s most celebrated basketball players, Jackson’s return to the WNBL will attract attention not only from local fans but also from basketball enthusiasts worldwide. Her achievements and impact on the sport have made her a role model for many aspiring athletes, and her return provides an opportunity for fans to witness her skills in action once again.

With the increased popularity of women’s sports, Jackson’s comeback adds to the momentum and excitement surrounding women’s basketball in Australia. As more attention is given to the sport, it is expected that more girls and women will be encouraged to participate and pursue their dreams in basketball.

Overall, Lauren Jackson’s decision to extend her career for another WNBL season is highly anticipated and eagerly awaited by fans. Her remarkable skills, leadership, and determination make her a valuable asset to the Southside Flyers. By continuing to be a driving force in women’s basketball, Jackson hopes to inspire the next generation of players and contribute to the growth and development of the sport.

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