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Scream mask used in attack speed camera operator

Several people have been accused of a terrifying attack on a speed camera operator – with one move straight out of a horror movie.

A speed camera operator has been terrorised by a man dressed in a Scream mask.

A 36-year-old man is accused of attempting to break into the vehicle and verbally abusing the operator inside.

Police are investigating the incident which occurred last Tuesday in Victoria’s Melton South on Exford Rd after 5pm.

He was banging on the windows while yelling at the operator to “get a real job”, The Herald Sun reported.

A woman is also reported to have been abusing the camera operator and hanging around the vehicle before the man arrived.

Images from dashcam footage captured of the incident showed the woman holding a homemade sign which said “speed camera”.

She is reported to have remained in the vicinity for up to an hour.

When a passing police car intervened,…


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